ALROSA recovers three large diamonds from Yubileinaya tube


Alrosa in October produced several large diamonds on the Yubileynaya tube of the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (GOK). Stones of jewelry quality have sizes from 82 to 163 carats.

A diamond with a mass of 82.82 carats is an octahedral crystal with dimensions 23.28 x 19.06 x 18.8 x 15.94 mm, transparent with a yellowish color, has insignificant inclusions in the peripheral zone.

A diamond with a mass of 108.34 carats is a crystal in the form of an octahedron with dimensions of 23 x 20.56 x 18.07 x 17.86 mm, transparent with a yellowish tinge, with insignificant inclusions in the peripheral zone.

Diamond with a mass of 163.09 carats is a transparent crystal with dimensions of 26.67 x 25.59 x 22.4 mm. Has a yellow tint, inclusions in the near-surface zone.

“The production of just three large diamonds, two of which weigh more than 100 carats, is an extremely rare event in such a short period of time, especially when it comes to diamonds of jewelry quality. As a rule, within a year it is possible to extract only 5-10 similar stones with a mass of more than 100 carats, and at auctions they are particularly in demand. In the near future, diamonds will go to Alrosa’s Unified Sales Organization (ERU), where our experts will conduct a detailed assessment of them, “Yevgeny Agureev, director of ERO ALROSA, said.

The pipe “Jubilee” was opened in 1975 and belongs to the number of the largest indigenous deposits of diamonds both in Yakutia and abroad. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the village of Aikhal and 485 km north of the town of Mirny. Its development has been conducted in an open manner since 1989. For 9 months of this year from tr. Anniversary was mined 6.57 million carats of diamonds, which is about 22% of the total production of ALROSA.

The pipe “Jubilee” is traditionally the leader of ALROSA in the extraction of large crystals. Since the beginning of 2017, 20 diamonds weighing more than 50 carats have been mined at Yubileynaya. The fact of extracting such stones is often given unique names. For example, in the autumn of this year the fact of extraction of another diamond “Jubilee”, weighing 51.91 carats, was named “Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov”.

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