Debbie Azar –Chief panelist on rising concerns of Lab-grown diamond in Dubai Diamond Conference


The second day of biennial Dubai Diamond Conference addressed rising concerns of synthetic diamonds in the Industry. Ms. Debbie Azar concentrated on this imperative topic by giving her expert opinion on Lab- grown diamonds and their disclosure: Is there a problem?”- Ms. Azar emphasised on how the industry should hack this challenge by using appropriate methods and techniques to bring transparency and progress with this ever changing issue with concentrate efforts from industry experts.

Ms. Azar was the chief panelist with various top-level speakers from the industry like Mr. Kevin Ryan, CEO Damas Jewellery Group; Mr. Ernie Blom, President of the World Federation of Diamond Brouses; Mr. Tom Moses, Executive Vice President and Chief Research and Laboratory Officer of the Gemological Institute of America.

“We use multiple machines for synthetic screening and testing. It’s is not sufficient to use only one machine. Additionally it is crucial to have the right processes in place and trained professionals to utilize equipment and remain at the forefront of this ever changing issue.” said, Debbie Azar.

Though natural diamonds take years to form but with techniques like HPHT and CVD, diamonds can be grown in labs in a short period of time. Holding identical physical and chemical properties of natural diamonds, Lab-grown diamonds has been a major concern across the diamond industry. Though the diamond industry is growing at a positive pace, low-profit margins in the cutting and polishing segments have caused an increase of synthetic diamonds in the market thus impacting the end consumer. To address and maintain customer’s confidence, the industry must take credible measures to prevent synthetics from infiltrating the natural diamonds market and also take into account the undisclosed synthetic diamonds.

With the changing landscape in the diamond industry and new challenges and players entering the market, it has become an indispensable need for the participants in the value chain to adapt to the changing market paradigms and to constantly develop, grow, innovate and deliver according to the current industry requirement. Grading Laboratory and retailers should be working together within professional lines of ethics to address the issue of lab-grown diamonds.

GSI has taken active steps by using the best techniques and state of art technology along with continued research and development to protect customers and industry against the misuse of undisclosed synthetics and Ms. Azar to talk on serious concerns of the market which is impacting the industry and its verticals globally.

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