Diamond Manufacturers Get New Sawing System


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Diamond jewelry manufacturers will now have a new sawing system at their disposal, thanks to some innovation on the part of diamond technology company Sarine, the firm says, according to Israelidiamond.co.il. Building on the success of 2005’s Quazer and 2010’s Quazer 2, the Singapore-traded Israel-based firm has released its Quazer 3, a laser sawing and shaping system for precious gems.

Among the qualities Sarine attributes to its new tool are fully automated pie cutting, for accurate advanced sawing profiles, and ultra-proficient optical control, which produces a smoother girdle surface. The machine obviates the need for a highly-skilled technician to carry out pie cutting, automating and simplifying the process. Like its predecessors, the Quazer 3 shapes rough diamonds quickly and with minimal weight loss. The Quazer is priced for the high-end market but provides a cost-effective solution, Sarine says.

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