Entice introduces Kathaa- ‘The story of Jewels’



Kundan Polki jewellery, 4 row Kundan Polki Choker with green enamel.

Entice, the fine jewellery brand by the century old KGK group, introduces Kathaa- a Kundan Polki jewellery collection. The collection entails the story of jewels, as the name suggests. Entice’s Kathaa collection is a tribute to jewellery, giving away the message that each jewellery piece has a story to tell, to enlighten, to write and to be rewritten; making each jewellery piece from the collection-an eternal prized possession for generations to cherish!

Kundan polki elegant  earings with green enamel.floral Kundan polki earings with pearl drops.The life journey of the jewel is in various phases, starting from its conception when the jewellery gets designed in the mind of the designer; followed by the manufacturing process where honed with skill and expertise, it takes shape. It is the third phase, which is the most special on which its fate depends. Third phase marks a new beginning as the piece is bought by its admirer and plays an important role in laying down foundations or nurturing the most cherished relationships on important occasions like wedding, Valentine ’s Day, anniversary or birthday. The gleam and delight it brings on a woman’s face is its gratification, turning its life journey all the more meaningful.

Entice’s jewellery comes with unique promise that they will ‘last forever’, and hencethere is an additional fourth phase, to which all emotions are attached. Under fourth and final phase, the possessed heirloom is passed down to another generation, making it not just a transfer of the jewellery but of the memories attached with it. Each piece from the collection is a blessing to the coming generation and a commitment of its timeless appeal by Entice!

Because you deserve the best, Entice’s Kathaa collection has been handcrafted using best of the Polkis (uncut diamonds), fused with the best quality gemstones and pearls. The collection embraces the age old craft of kundan polki jewellery, and styled to suit the modern lifestyles with neckpieces varying from multi row to single row; elaborate earrings and wrist wear in breathtaking patterns. With each piece in the collection flaunting intricate meena (enamel) work on the backside, a piece from Kathaa is a must have in the jewellery collection.

Entice’s Kathaa Collection has a story to be told; are you listening!

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