Exhibition of Indian Jewellery Opened at the Moscow Kremlin Museums



The Moscow Kremlin Museums (MKM) have recently celebrated opening of a unique exhibition named “India, Jewels that Enchanted the World.”

Having been working on this large project for two years, MKM together with Indian- Russian Jewelry Foundation (IRJF) managed to create a sound and completely unique exhibition.

The combination of beautiful stones and exquisite mastership of jewellers is boggling imagination.

Ever since the rise of the Mughal Empire (XVI-XVII centuries) it was believed that cunning and magnificent decorations are not only a symbol of wealth but can also revive spirits, strengthen vitality and bear great therapeutic potential.

More than 300 pieces of Indian jewellery art created in XVI-XXI centuries maturing from dozens of museums, institutions and private collections from around the world were picked at the Moscow exhibition to showcase the splendor of precious stones and aesthetic perfection taste of Indian craftsmen.

Among the top features of the exhibition there are numerous jewellery items loaned by private collections, such as collection of Al-Sabbah from Kuwait or London collection of Khalili, as well as the Geneva-based Faerber collection. A unique diamond necklace circa XVII century studded with flat diamonds manufactured by method of splitting was presented within Serge Fradkoff collection brought from Geneva.

Many jewellery artworks by such renowned fashion houses as Cartier, Chaumet, Mauboussin, Van Cleef & Arpels, arrived in Moscow loaned by their own collections.

Sometimes new jewels were born following reworking of vintage heirlooms.

Exhibition “India, Jewels that Enchanted the World” features several items which had never been displayed on public before. Works of modern Indian jewellers Munnu Kasliwal and Viren Bhagat demonstrate combination of ancient heritage with a modern twist.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition included official reception and gala dinner for 300 guests from around the world. Press conference organized before the opening of the exhibition was attended by director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Elena Gagarina, founder of the Indo-Russian Jewellery Foundation Alex Popov, director of jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels Nicolas Bos (Nikolas Bos), a famous collector UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Professor Nasser David Khalili, sponsors, curators and international experts.

Alex Popov said in his speech that “up to the XVIII century, almost all gems came to Europe from India and the routes were often laid through Russia. The idea of the exhibition was to revive old ties that existed in the luxury world between India and the West. And Moscow is the only place for this initiative, connecting the two worlds.” The exhibition runs until July 27, 2014.

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