GSI Hosted Special Luncheon for Diamond Industry Players


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Gemological Science International (GSI) acts as a perfect host to the diamond industry’s facilitators at the Bharat Diamond Bourse premises. As a gesture of appreciation, a special luncheon was organized exclusively for diamond brokers who play such a significant role in the industry.

The luncheon featured an opening ceremony, light music, great food and giveaways on Thursday, April 3, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Shri S.G Jhaveri Trading Hall. The guests of honor at the luncheon were Naresh Mehta, the honorable secretary of the Bharat Diamond Bourse,  MaheshVaghani and Aditya Parikh of the committee of  the Bharat Diamond Bourse, and Mark Gershburg the  CEO of GSI and Neeta Shah the vice president of GSI.

“The event was truly delightful and provided an ideal platform for GSI to thank and acknowledge the diamond facilitators for their year-long commitment and dedication toward the industry. Subsequent to the successful event in the past and with a positive response from the diamond facilitators, we once again geared up to host our third annual event this year,” said Gershburg.

GSI was proud to have an opportunity of thanking the diamond brokers personally for their contributions, which has enhanced the prospect of the diamond industry. The luncheon event allowed ample time and pleasant surroundings to build and sustain a healthy and long term relationship with them.   The hospitality and relaxed atmosphere rubbed off on everybody and made this luncheon thoroughly enjoyable!

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