Israel Awards Cavalieri the IDI League of Honor


The Israeli diamond industry paid tribute to Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, the president of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, at a gala event held at the conclusion of the World Diamond Council’s ninth annual meeting in Tel Aviv.

The Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) League of Honor Award was bestowed on Cavalieri in acknowledgment of his extraordinary contribution to the world diamond industry. Presenting the award were IDI’s chairman, MotiGanz, Israel Diamond Exchange’s president, YairSahar, Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association’s president, AvrahamBumiTraub and the chief of NGO Division of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Dr. Andrei Abramov. Israel diamond

IDI’s managing director, Eli Avidar, who moderated the ceremony, noted that Cavalieri, who has served as CIBJO president since March 2001, was responsible for CIBJO becoming the only jewelry organization to be granted special consultative status by ECOSOC. He added that, together with the UN, Cavalieri established the World Federation Education Foundation (WJCEF), which is responsible for promoting corporate social responsibility education in the international jewelry and gemstone industries.

Cavalieri was born into a Sicilian family, which has been in the jewelry business for 200 years. In addition to heading CIBJO and WJCEF, he also serves as president of the Italian Federation of Gold, Silver and Jewellery Wholesalers, is a member of the international executive council of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), chief financial officer of the World Diamond Council and serves as a consultant to the Italian Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the European Economic Commission.

The IDI League of Honor was established in 2007 to honor leaders from around the world who have contributed to the world diamond industry. The award has been given to heads of state and government leaders. Cavalieri is the second industry leader presented with this award, after Varda Shine, the executive vice president of global sales at De Beers.

Ganz said, “Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri is a man of vision, who sees the future and embraces it. His leadership in promoting social responsibility and economic development throughout the pipeline serves as an inspiration to the entire diamond and jewelry industry.”

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