Japan to Host International Jewellery Kobe Fair in May


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Japan’s upcoming International Jewellery Kobe Fair (IJK), scheduled for May 14-16, 2014, is expected to feature 450 exhibitors including Japanese jewellery and gemstone suppliers from around the country as well as close to 100 international companies from Italy, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, India, Iran and elsewhere.

On exhibit will be exhibiting collections of diamonds in all sizes, cuts, and colors, along with a variety of other gemstones and jewellery.

In its 18th year, the IJK will also display Japanese jewelry designs as well as collections of jewellery manufactured by Japanese technology. The trade fair will also have a pearls section, featuring over 50 Japan-based pearl suppliers, as Kobe is a well-established distribution center in the world for quality pearls.

High-value estate jewellery, coral and jade will also be presented. In total, the exhibitors are expected to bring over 540,000 pieces to exhibit, signifying the largest collection in western Japan, according to IJK show management. IJK is expecting to attract a total of 16,000 buyers from all over Japan and Asia.

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