Kiran Gems Participates in Mumbai Marathon 2015 in support of humanity


kiran gemsKiran Gems, the world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds, participated in the 12th edition of Mumbai Marathon on Sunday, 15th January 2015. The top brass of the organization, namely Mr. Mavji Patel (Managing Director), Mr. Dinesh Lakhani (Director) and Mr. Rajesh Lakhani  (Director) along with 15 other employees came all out in support of humanity and participated in this event.

On the occasion, Mr. Mavji Patel (Managing Director) said, “We at Kiran Gems take our social responsibility very seriously. We believe that our efforts will go a long way in creating a better world for society in general and for the generations  to come”.

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon has been instrumental in addressing important causes for the less privileged of our country. This is Kiran Gems’ second consecutive year of participation in the Mumbai Marathon to support social causes endorsed by the event. Kiran Gems has been no stranger to playing its part towards the development of a better society. In the past it has actively supported the causes of education, health & welfare and society in general.

Kiran Gems is a global company with offices in Mumbai, Antwerp, Dubai, HK, New York, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It supplies loose and certified diamonds to the best known jewellery retailers, diamond jewellery manufacturers, watch manufacturers and brands globally. More information on the company can be found in

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