Mark Andrew Boston Passed Away Peacefully


After 11 years of battling cancer, beloved father and husband Mark Andrew Boston passed away peacefully on Monday evening (13/11/2017) at Royal Trinity Hospice surrounded by his family.

Upon news of his decision to stop treatment last month we were overwhelmed by an outpouring of love and admiration from friends and colleagues in the diamond community, reaching out from every corner of the globe.

His unquestionable charm and warmth struck a chord with so many. ‘True Gentleman’, ‘Champion of Industry’ and ‘Mentor’ appeared in almost every email. People commenting on his integrity and generosity, his sense of humour and humility, but most of all on his genuine kindness and interest in always helping others.

His personal contribution to the diamond industry at large cannot be underestimated. His pioneering vision and passion for India paved the way for many Indian diamond companies to become some of the world’s leading manufacturers. His guidance, support and unwavering belief in people helped shape these businesses and shone a light on the talent and capabilities of Surat and in realising its full potential to the world.

”His enthusiasm and passion for the industry was contagious and I followed in his footsteps, though in the different path of fine jewellery design. I had the great pleasure of travelling with him to India many times and seeing first hand his relationships with the community he championed, who likewise always treated ‘Markibhai’ as an extension of their family.”said his daughter Rachel.

His greatest achievement will always be the deep impact he left on so many people with his honesty and his bravery in the face of adversity. A true fighter always, fighting for those who were capable but did not yet have a voice. Fighting for honesty and transparency in the industry through his blog. Fighting cancer in so many different and brutal forms. Fighting for his family and to put us first always.

It was an honour to be able to share these messages with him before he passed, to let him know his legacy and memory has had a profound effect on so many people. We thank you for reaching out and sharing your stories with us.

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