ORRA Launched Its Latest Line of Jewellery – Antara


GER15001-2The unrestrained beauty of the first rains and a koel’s mellifluous call. An old, familiar melody that wafts in through the window, on a gentle zephyr. The slow, faraway alaap that unfolds every morning. The reassuring lilt of your grandmother’s lullaby. The serene bhajans at a temple, at sunset. Poignant love songs that play on your mind. And, of course, that endless, beautiful chime of life.

India is pure music. Every moment of every day. And Antara by ORRA is a tribute to these melodies.

A gorgeous collection of jhumkis, chand balis and traditional earrings that captures the music of Indian life. Designs that reflect the subtle grace of age-old traditions. Jewellery steeped in a culture that is rich, evocative and yet, melodious. Here is a hand-picked selection of breathtaking creations, each of which is a lyrical song on its own.

Let them serenade you.PER15003-1

The Lilt of Jhumkis

Light, shimmering and delightful, this collection of delicate jhumkis adds a touch of contemporary to a grand heritage. With their alluring charm, these jhumkis are perfect for everyday wear. Adorn yourself with the classic, yet refreshing melody of tradition.

The Sonnets of Chand Balis

Intricate floral studs end in stunning crescents to form a line of chand balis that resonate with Indian tradition. And then, exquisite contemporary motifs weave themselves inextricably into the designs. Here is jewellery that is forever worth of being a muse.

OER15047-3The Rhythm of Raindrops

Inspired by the soothing sound of water and the ephemeral dance of sunbeams, this collection of earrings captures the elegance of nature perfectly. Light, sparkling and sharp, the raindrop earrings evoke the rhythmic sway of cascading Indian rains.

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