Platinum Guild International launches a new integrated marketing campaign for Platinum Evara’s new collection!


Platinum Guild International (PGI) launched a stirring new integrated advertising and marketing campaign to promote the all new range of its brand Platinum Evara. The campaign targets the millennial bride and groom who today prefer platinum jewellery for its subtlety and, its emotional quotient.

The campaign is a 360 degree program led by a new TVC, and supported by a robust communication plan that includes TV, Cinema, Print, Digital, OOH and PR across markets to ensure high reach and frequency. The content across these mediums are focused to drive awareness and recognition for the new collection that appeals to the post wedding lifestyle of the urban bride & groom. Leaving no stone unturned, the program also includes an instore campaign – “A Shower of Blessings” to address the last mile of the consumer journey giving them one more reason to visit the store.

Built on platinum heritage and infused with cultural relevance integral to Indian weddings, Platinum Evara since its inception has occupied a unique space in the Indian wedding scenario.  It carries an emotional appeal as it is symbolic of the heartfelt blessing a couple receives from their family as they embark on a new journey and validates the efforts of both generations to evolve together as a family.

This emotion is beautifully reflected in the new TVC that captures the evolving outlook on relationships and traditions in today’s Indian weddings. It showcases the subtle changes in the interpretation of new relationships, and that marriages today are based on a mutual respect and a love that is inclusive and uplifting.

Platinum Evara has seen a growth of around 15-20% in sales in the first six months of 2017 with continued support from PGI’s key retail partners. The metal has been grasping the attention of India’s young generation that has led to a growth in platinum jewellery’s retail manifestation. Consumers are increasingly seeking platinum as the right expression of their love and commitment. Through this campaign PGI aims to foster a deeper connection with their core audience and create brand believers.

Launched in 2014, EVARA Platinum Blessings taps into the massive growth potential of the bridal jewellery market by offering an opportunity for dual gifting for the modern bride and the groom from the parents, in-laws or from the elders in the family. Evara as a brand has always encouraged the growing trend of acceptance and equality between two families, creating a balance between traditions and changing preferences.

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