Small Rises in Prices of Rough at Sight Three


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The value of goods sold at the third Sight of the year, held last week, is estimated to have been in line with previous Sights so far this year of around $700 million.

David Johnson, Midstream Communications Manager at De Beers, said there had been “a continuation of the healthy demand for goods from Sightholders that we have seen so far this year; quite robust demand for polished.”

Johnson said there had been a rise in prices “in the low single-digit range” following a “good quarter” for the industry. “We saw strong feedback from the Hong Kong show and Baselworld.”

Johnson said that De Beers made presentations at the latest Sight to clients regarding the new Sight contracts that will go into effect in March 2015. “We spoke about the principles of the new contracts and some more detail about the financial compliance criteria.”

He said final information about the new contract would be given at the next Sight in May.

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