SRK Honored His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama with Santokbaa Award.


srk-1SRK Welcomed New Year with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who visited SRK Empire. The Messenger of Peace & Kindness headed to SRK Surat Based Manufacturing Facility on 1-1-2015. It was for the first time that Global Icon & Spiritual Leader Toured Diamond City, Surat.

SRK Foundation established by Mr. Govind Dholakia (Founder & Chairman SRK),  felicitatedHis HolinessThe 14thDalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatsowith Santokbaa AwardOn 2-January -2014.  His Holiness theDalai Lama (Noble Prize Winner 1989) wasconferred with the Honour for his Efforts to Make World a Peaceful Place & restlessly spreading only one religion, which is religion of Kindness.

The Santokbaa Award was conferred to His Holiness the Dalai Lama by the hands of O P Kohli – Governor of Gujarat State.SRK Foundation Handed over Cheque Worth Rs 2500000 and a Diamond Studded Trophy to His Holiness.srk-2

Santokbaa Awardis given to luminary Personalities who has served Society with Compassion, Truth, Dedication & Selflessness & Whose efforts have brought Smile on other’s face. The Award is in Memory of SRK Founder Mr. Govind Dholakia’s Late Mother “Santokbaa”

In Past Santokbaa Award has been conferred to Personalities like Dr. Sam Pitroda (Father of Indian Telecom Revolution), Dr. Verghese Kurian (AMUL Founder & Father of White Revolution in India), Dr. HL Trivedi (Globally Renowned Kidney Transplant Surgeon), Professor M.S. Swaminathan (Father of Green Revolution in India), Shri Narayan Desai (Renowned Gandhian and Humanitarian)&Smt. Poornimaben Pakvasa (Freedom Fighter and Woman Empowerer). These Personalities Uplifted the Standards of Humanity & Worked Selflessly for the Betterment of Society.

His Holiness, During His Two And A Half day Tour to Surat also interacted with Students and Fellow Tibetans at Seminar organized by SRK Foundation. He also spoke on ‘Ethics in Business in Current Century’ at a session, with prominent business personalities across the country.

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