sg-2SWAROVSKI GEMS™, Swarovski’s premium product brand for precision-cut genuine gemstones and created stones, is pleased to once again return to the India International Jewellery Show, the most important gathering of the Indian gems and jewelry industry being held at the Bombay Exhibition Center – Mumbai from August 8 to 12, 2013. For this occasion, SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has developed a new and exciting booth concept – Stand 1H041, 1H043, 1H045, 1H047, 1G042, 1G044, 1G046, and 1G048. Here the brand presents its well-balanced genuine gemstone and created stone palette to the world of fine jewelry, highlighting its latest innovations, the Pure Brilliance Zirconia novelties and its revolutionary cut for genuine topaz. The important gathering will also see the launch of the new Gem Visions 2014 trend and design publication in India.

The Swarovski Gems™ Brand

Over a century ago, Daniel Swarovski, inventor, entrepreneur and visionary, pioneered precision-cutting technology for jewelry stones and founded his enterprise based on a philosophy of uncompromising creativity, technological excellence and social values. It is the pursuance of these founding principles that have made Swarovski known worldwide for meticulous craftsmanship, quality, technical virtuosity and inspiring creativity. Starting in 1965, Swarovski has also offered a range of beautifully crafted genuine gemstones and created stones. This service evolved into the SWAROVSKI GEMS™ brand, now synonymous for premium quality in gemstones that include genuine sapphire, rhodolite, peridot, amethyst, citrine, black spinel, genuine topaz, marcasite, zirconia and synthetic stones.

Pure Brilliance Zirconia

SWAROVSKI GEMS™ created a sensation with its Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia when it first launched its revolutionary Round Pure Brilliance Cut. This was a stone of unparalleled craftsmanship that conformed to the GIA’s extensive set of standards for grading diamond cut quality, making Swarovski Zirconia as brilliant as a diamond. SWAROVSKI GEMS™ then enhanced this visionary innovation with the creation of the stunning Zirconia Diamond Colors: Fancy Yellow, Fancy Pink, Fancy Blue and Fancy Brown. Each color equates to one of nature’s most celebrated coloredsg-3

diamonds – the Tiffany, the Agra, the Hope and the Golden Jubilee. Completing the trilogy of innovation that is the Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia, SWAROVSKI GEMS™ next introduced Zirconia Fancy Diamond Cuts. The five original cuts, the Square Princess, Marquise, Pear, Oval and Baguette Princess, exemplify the pinnacle of cutting technology, each with its own distinctly individual character.

Pure Brilliance novelties for 2014

New to IIJS 2013 and the industry are three product novelties that further enhance the Pure Brilliance Swarovski Zirconia. Further drawing on the company’s expertise, the Swarovski Zirconia is now also presented in two new colors: Fancy Green and Fancy Purple. Fancy Green is a color also found in natural diamonds and is modeled on the famous Dresden Green Diamond that is said to originate from India. The amethyst-shaded Fancy Purple offers unique design opportunities for new color combinations. As with the original Zirconia Diamond Colors, the color of every single stone is uniform, regardless of the size of the stone and the order.

Rounding out the group of product novelties is the new Cushion Cut – another classic cut in the jewelry industry, now precision-cut by SWAROVSKI GEMS™.


SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has also turned its profound knowledge and expertise in precision cutting of fine stones to the creation of a dazzling new cut for genuine topaz: the patented Natural Brilliance cut.

Conceived and executed according to the Gemological Institute of America’s exacting parameters for insuring the maximum refracted light and fire, the impeccably calibrated precision-cut facets unleash all of the stone’s inner light and radiance. Swarovski Genuine Topaz gemstones now achieve a 130% higher brilliance than any other topaz available on the market.

SWAROVSKI GEMS™ prides itself on the perfect symmetry and superb finish of all its stones, and its topaz possesses the same unerring consistency and uniformity of size, shape and dimension. Every Swarovski Genuine Topaz has perfect proportions, regardless of however extensive the order, guaranteeing a diameter tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm. These qualities make these exquisite stones simple to match and quick and easy to set, minimizing any possible pitfalls of chipping or wastage.

White topaz, the traditional expression of pure femininity and the color of choice for gala occasions achieves dazzling heights with the innovative Natural Brilliance cut. For contrasting looks, SWAROVSKI GEMS™ has made Swarovski Genuine Topaz also available in a stunning range of vivid colors created with the unique Thermal Color Fusion (TCF™) treatment. Unlike other processes, TCF™ creates a beautifully colored topaz containing absolutely no radiation. The TCF™ treatment, patented in both Austria and the United States, has been demonstrated to be both permanent and able to sustain cast-in-place production methods and cleaning processes.

Gem Visions 2014

IIJS 2013 is also the showcase for the presentation of the 2014 edition of Gem Visions, the SWAROVSKI GEMS™ unique inspirational tool that explores the megatrends and design directions for the upcoming year. For Gem Visions 2014, the team has taken the year’s projected megatrends and broken them down into four constituent design directions to facilitate a journey of discovery illustrated by key stories. These design directions are further matched to colors, materials and gemstone cuts and ultimately, to the most appropriate stones from the SWAROVSKI GEMS™ assortment. The 2014 trends center on a concept of dualities, which foster a dialogue between contrasted polarities that unite to forge a new visual vocabulary. There will also be a focus on the gemstone as work of art, a naturally occurring rarity that transcends its beginnings to become both an asset and an object of exceptional beauty.

New to Gem Visions 2014 is the inclusion of two trend topics chosen by the SWAROVSKI GEMS™ experts for special focus and elaboration. These areas of interest, “Jogging Gems” and “Vienna Vibrations”, were chosen as inspirations that are expected to have a significant impact in 2014. They not only inspire creators but also unleash opportunities for storytelling, a concept still central to successful jewelry design.

Jogging Gems

With Jogging Gems, Gem Visions 2014 focuses on the evolution and growing sophistication of sports-wear. Gem Visions 2014 illustrates that this direction is in line with a new mood in fine jewelry. Jewels are shifting toward a more casual, confident preciousness and everyday opulence. Women

increasingly choose jewelry not only for its visual impact but also pieces that feel sensual on the skin and move with the body. The renowned Indian jewelry producer Titan Industries contributed to the Jogging Gems theme by designing a stunning necklace with Swarovski Genuine Sapphire and Topaz set in 9k white gold, which is presented in the Gem Visions 2014 book.

Vienna Vibrations

Gem Visions’ second theme for 2014 focuses on the Austrian capital Vienna, the city that nurtured the dreams and aspirations of the young Daniel Swarovski, the company founder in the late 19th century. Today, Vienna, situated at the heart of a renewed Europe, is regaining its position as a major cultural and design powerhouse. Vienna revels in its art, music and pride of intellect. It is a magnet for talented individuals, who vibrate with inspiration and innovation, while fusing tradition with modernity. Gem Visions 2014 presents an up-to-the-minute celebration of the art, craft and design of Vienna, incorporating three incredible jewelry designs from India that were exclusively created for the Vienna Vibrations theme. For Vienna Vibrations, Titan Industries created an elegant neck piece made with Swarovski Spessartite, Topaz and Rhodolite set in 9k yellow gold. The SWAROVSKI GEMS™ ingredient branding partner Emerald Jewel Industry contributed to the book with an extraordinary bangle made with Swarovski Zirconia and 18k Yellow gold. Furthermore, the leading jewelry brand Surya Golds designed a brilliant pair of matching earrings and necklace combining Swarovski Zirconia in different vibrant colors with 18k yellow gold, which was inspired by the ceiling paintings in historical Viennese buildings and is exclusively presented in Gem Visions 2014.

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