Trade between Antwerp Diamond industry and China Flourishes


DSCThe trade between the Antwerp diamond Industry and greater China increased spectacularly over the past five years. Greater China currently is the number 1 export destination for Antwerp’s polished diamonds.

In 2012, 31,3% of Antwerp’s polished diamonds headed to greater China (in 2011 this was 29%). The export of rough and polished diamonds from Antwerp to the region increased by 73% between 2007 and 2012. Similarly, over the past 5 years, the import of diamonds from greater China to Antwerp increased by 70%.

In the framework of the thriving trade relationships between China and the Antwerp diamond industry, Antwerp was omnipresent at the Jewelry Shanghai 2013 Trade Fair when a selection of Antwerp diamond companies visited Shanghai between May 10th to 13th. The companies participated in a four-day networking program which included the first ever Antwerp Diamond Pavilion at the Shanghai fair.DSC_3

Ari Epstein, CEO Antwerp World Diamond Centre: “The Chinese market has a lot of potential. Driven by the economic developments in China and Hong Kong, diamond demand increased steeply the past few years. Our import and export figures are testimony to that evolution. We want to make sure Antwerp stays the preferred trading partner of both China and Hong Kong and that is why we decided to organize a complete networking program.”

In cooperation with HRD Antwerp, the Belgian Consulate-General in Shanghai, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and the Gem and Jewelry Association of China, AWDC organized three networking events to further strengthen these relationships.

In the unique surroundings of the former Chinese pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo, the Antwerp diamond companies got the opportunity to network with no less than 120 potential Chinese buyers during the Antwerp Diamond Night. In addition, AWDC organized a Meet & Greet with VVIP buyers working for 10 different Chinese companies. The four-day program ended with a cocktail reception at the Belgian Consulate.

Ketan Shah from Kediam: “Although the show itself was a bit slower than we expected, we noticed a lot of interest in our product. We highly appreciate the efforts of AWDC in setting up networking events such as the Antwerp Diamond Night, enabling us to get in touch with the local market, an initiative that can benefit both parties. We have met with representatives from a large amount of retail chains, and you can certainly say there is a lot of potential in China, although it is clear the competition remains high.”

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